White – Room 1 – March 27

Teacher: White (dawhite@hps.holyoke.ma.us)


At Home Learning – Room 1

Friday, March 27th

Good Morning! Below are a few more optional activities for you to complete. Your child has played “War” in class so they should be familiar with how it works as well as a few variations. 

In class, we have learned all about the human muscular system. Check out this article about animal muscles. We have more in common with porcupines than you might think!

After, write one sentence about how human muscles are similar animal muscles and one sentences about how our muscles are different. Remember to send me a picture of your work if you can!


Username: mauriceadonahue

Password: mauriceadonahue

“War” Instructions

Have each player roll one die. The player with the highest number goes first.
Each player rolls their two dice. The numbers on both dice are added together to come up with an individual player’s score. The player with the highest scoring combination wins the round.

Winning rounds can be noted on a pad of paper with a tally mark under the winning player’s name, or with counters such as beads, rocks, or pennies. Play a number of rounds and have players add up their counter or tally marks at the end to come up with a game champion.

Or, learn subtraction skills by having players subtract the lower die from the higher die to come up with a number for each round!

Instrucciones de “Guerra”

Haz que cada jugador tire un dado. El jugador con el número más alto va primero.
Cada jugador tira sus dados. Los números en ambos dados se suman para obtener el puntaje de un jugador individual. El jugador con la combinación de mayor puntuación gana la ronda.

Las rondas ganadoras se pueden anotar en un pedazo de papel con una marca de conteo debajo del nombre del jugador ganador, o con fichas como cuentas, rocas o centavos. Juega varias rondas y haz que los jugadores sumen sus marcas de contador o conteo al final para crear un campeón del juego.

O, ¡Aprende habilidades de resta haciendo que los jugadores resten el dado inferior del dado superior para obtener un número para cada ronda!


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