White – Room 1 – April 1

Teacher: White (dawhite@hps.holyoke.ma.us)


At Home Learning – Room 1

Wednesday, April 1st

Hello families! Below you will find a fun math game and a reading/writing activity to complete with your child. Please remember that these are all just suggestions of activities for families that are looking for them. Don’t forget to send me pictures of you and your work so we can share them with the class! 

This winter we learned about how penguins and reindeer have special body parts that help them survive, or keep living. Let’s take a trip somewhere warmer to see how animals survive in the rain forest! 

Read this article and write three sentences about how animals in the rain forest use their different body parts to help them survive. 

Username: mauriceadonahue

Password: mauriceadonahue

Check out the document below to find directions for playing the game “Race to 100.” Make sure you keep your Hundreds Chart so you can use it for more games we will be posting in the future!


Files for this Assignment:

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