Hussey – Concert Review 4/3

Teacher: Hussey (


Hey everyone!

For this assignment, instead of reviewing an album, you are going to be reviewing an online concert.

NPR (New England Public Radio) record a series called “Tiny Desk Concerts.” This concert series is exactly what it sound like; famous or upcoming musicians playing concerts at a tiny, crowded desk inside of an NPR recording studio. Your assignment is to:

  1. Click on THIS LINKĀ , and pick a tiny desk concert that interests you. You may pick a concert by an artist you like, or someone new that you have never heard of before. Some available concerts that might interest you in the archives include: Chance the Rapper, Harry Styles, Gucci Mane, Tyler the Creator, and Blue Man Group.
  2. Answer these questions in a paragraph: What instruments were used in this concert/how many different instruments were used? Was there just one singer, or were there people playing in the background? What sounded different about this acoustic (live, no autotune) performance than a recording you would find on spotify or applemusic? Did you enjoy the performance? Why or why not?
  3. Type up your responses and email them to me!


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