Hussey – Music

Teacher: Hussey (


Hey Peck performing artists! Nothing beats making music together face-to-face, but here is an activity for you this week:

*Soundtrack of my life*

  1. Make a list of moments in your life that have shaped who you are, what you believe, or how you view the world. Examples can include: the day you were born, the day you met a new friend, a social interaction you had that changed your life, or a concert you went to.
  2. Choose your favorite or most important 8 events and list them in chronological order (year order). Assign each event a song that relates to the event. Could be about how you felt, or just about the activity itself.
  3. Write a paragraph introducing yourself (who you are and where you are from).
  4. Write a second paragraph explaining your song choices and how they represent
    your life.
  5. Design an album cover for your playlist and list the songs on the back.

Lets see what you’ve got!


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