Hussey – Music – listening log! 4/08

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Hey Peck musicians! Ive said it before and i’ll say it again, I MISS you.

One of your activities for this week is to create a listening log.

Starting today, I would like you to keep either a written or typed log of songs that you listen to while at home. You will log one song each day. The log should include the date, song name, artist that sings/raps/plays it, and a short description of what you hear while listening to the song. The description could include the answer to one of these questions: What instruments are used? How fast or slow is this song? (this is called tempo) what genre is the song? (rap, hip hop, rock, etc.) What is the mood of the song/how does it make you feel?

If you feel inclined to, please illustrate something that comes to mind when you listen to the song! Make Miss Kerby proud!

Please email me your log at the end of each week, I would love to see what you listen to each day 🙂

Example of what a log should look like is linked HERE. Peep my favorite song of ALL time, I wrote it in the log for today!

-Miss Hussey <3


Files for this Assignment:

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