Nehmer – Activities 3/23

Teacher: Nehmer (


Hello friends!

I am going to send activities for each day of the week. Please know it is not necessary to complete all of them but they are just small amounts of practice for each day. Today I would love to have everyone try to log into Freckle ( class code NEHMEZ) and find their account. Once logged in it will bring you to the homepage with a big and 3 options to choose from (ELA, Math, From my teacher). Today I would like you to do two different activities. First, click ELA then click word study. There should be an option for a rhyming activity. The second activity will be found under the “From my teacher” page. After clicking “From my teacher” there will be an assignment called “#69 counting and cardinality”. This one does not have an end as it is a continual path. 15 minutes should be plenty of time.

I hope this is all understandable and not too difficult. This is very new for all of us and is the first time I am doing it as well. Please hang in with me and if anything is not working or unclear please feel free to dojo message me or text me at 413-459-0050. I am available all day and will be checking my phone constantly.


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