Nehmer- K- Monday activities 4/13

Teacher: Nehmer (


Good morning my friends! I hope you all had a very nice weekend and a Happy Easter!

For this rainy day I have a new yoga video for you! Today you can go swimming with Popcorn the Dolphin! (

On Freckle I have a few things for you to practice. Under the “From my teacher” tab I would like you to practice Monday’s Measurement and data path. We are switching which path we are working on for this week.  Next, under the Math tab I would like you to practice “number basics” (it is the blocks). This may be a little easy for you but the more we practice the harder it will get! Finally under the ELA tab, I would like you to practice your sight words. This will have you practice the same words a few times until it believes you know them. Then it will teach you new words! So just keep practicing.

For a read aloud today, I have a wonderful story called “Courageous People who Changed the World”. After listening to this story, I would like you to draw me a picture of one person that you learned about. Then write what you learned about them. Remember to listen for the sounds that you hear and write those letters! I can’t wait to see what you learned! (

As always if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email or text me at 413-459-0050.


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