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Good morning families!

I have had a few parents ask me for additional resources. I am attaching some printable resources that you can use if you would like to. I am also attaching some YouTube videos (some we listened to in class and some that can help with learning sight words).

Attachments explained:

Addition Practice

  • Color by Code Space
  • Summer Color by number

Subtraction Practice

  • 4th of July color by code

Writing prompts

  • Free daily writing prompts (Some of these were in our original packets)
  • Spring Writing Prompts

Sight words

  • Beginning reading Packs 1-3 (these are practice with the Kindergarten sight words)
  • Roll a sight word

Reading and comprehension

  • CVC Picture cards (pictures to help students tap out sounds in words)
  • The rest are all practice reading “simple” words and asking questions about what was read


Preschool Prep

  • Phonics song-
  • Silent E song-
  • ABC song-
  • Vowels song-

Sight words songs

  • PreK sight words-
  • Kindergarten sight words-


Files for this Assignment:

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