Nehmer- K- Thursday Activities 4/16

Teacher: Nehmer (


Hello my friends!

Yay today is our Zoom day! I hope to see lots of you there!

Today I have another super fun Gonoodle episode for you! Chillaxing Around Town With Happy Ninjas. (  In Freckle I would like you to work on your math. Under the “From my teacher” tab I would like you to continue working on your Measurement and Data path. It will say Thursday’s Measurement and Data. The last activity in Freckle will also be found under “From my teacher”. I would like you to work on Thursday’s Number facts!

Our read aloud for today is titled “Narwhal”. It is a cute story about how to solve problems. ( After listening I would like you to draw and write how you would solve a problem. What would you do? Who would you tell? Remember to listen to the letters you hear while you write. I would also love to see your hard work!

Finally I would like you to do some more work on star fall. This link will take you to a page with beginning reading activities. (

I miss you all so very much and I hope to see you during our Zoom meeting today! Have fun, stay safe and keep that brain growing!

Love Ms. Nehmer


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