Nehmer – Activities 4/1

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Good morning my friends!

Today I have two fun activities for you to do! First I would like you to watch a read aloud of the story “April Fool! Watch Out at School”. Then I would like for you to draw me a picture and write what your favorite part of the story was. Remember when you are doing your writing, listen for the sounds that you hear! Please feel free to share your drawing and writing with me. I love seeing all your amazing work!

The next activity I have for you is a Gonoodle!!! Today I would like you to do the Indoor Recess- Moose on the loose episode. I must admit these are some of my favorite! Enjoy, have fun, and get some energy out!!

Story read-aloud link:

Gonoodle link: moose

I hope you enjoy today’s work my friends!

I miss you all very much!


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