Nehmer- K- Wednesday Activities 4/15

Teacher: Nehmer (


Happy Wednesday my friends!

Today, I have a fun Cosmic Kids Yoga video for you to do. It’s a silly Minecraft yoga!! ( Enjoy!!

We have a few different activities on Freckle today. First, under the “From my teacher” tab I would like you to practice Wednesday’s Measurement and data path. Next, under the Math tab I would like you to continue to practice “number basics” (it is the blocks).  Then, under the ELA tab, I would like you to practice your sight words. Remember if they are the same words again, just keep practicing until you know them!

For a read-aloud today I have an amazing story for you to listen to: “Inventors who changed the world”. After you listen to the story, I want you to draw me a picture and write one person that you have learned about and what they did. Once you have written go back and see if you can add more! What else could you say about your picture? Is there more you can add to your picture itself? (Lots of pretty colors!). Remember to listen for the sounds that you hear and write those letters! I can’t wait to see your drawings! (

As always if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email or text me at 413-459-0050.


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