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Teacher: Wade (awade@hps.holyoke.ma.us)


Hello Dear Students, I hope you will enjoy these videos. Everything thinks of singers playing guitar or piano, but here are some people who play string instruments who decided to use their voices, too!

I would like to know about each of the performances I chose: do you like this sound of the song? Do you like the kind of playing? Do you like the singing? It’s OK if you don’t like everything, and it’s OK if you do like everything.  Musicians (people like us, who make music) listen to all kinds of music in order to learn about it, but every song does not have to be a favorite.

1) This first piece is called Julie-O.  Kevin Olusola plays the cello and does the beatboxing.  He is more famous as a singer in the group The Pentatonix, but he is a very skilled cello player, too.

What kinds of things do you notice about the special ways he plays the cello and uses his voice?


2) This is Esperanza Spalding singing “Sunny Side of the Street” while she plays the double bass.  In this performance, she is singing for our former president, Barack Obama, and she became famous as the first woman to sing and play bass for a president.  She has won Grammy awards and is a professor of music at Harvard University.  Listen to what she says about the meaning of the song.


3) This is The Carolina Chocolate Drops with Rhiannon Giddens performing “Pretty Little Girl”.  This band is known for playing traditional music of the American South, especially African American music.


4) Here’s cellist/singer/composer Ben Solee and his song “Letting Go”.  Like the Carolina Chocolate Drops, he is also from the South and often sings and writes in a traditional southern style.  Do you think his music sounds similar to “Pretty Little Girl” or completely different? If similar, how? If different, how? It’s ok not to know how to describe it; it can be hard to put music thoughts into words.  Think of some adjectives that describe each song and see if they are similar.


5) Here’s something completely different to remind you of the traditional way stringed instruments are used.







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