Wade – 3/24

Teacher: Wade (awade@hps.holyoke.ma.us)


My Dear Students, I hope you and your families will enjoy these videos.  I’ll add some more on Thursday.  Some videos are cello and violin performances, and some I chose because might give you ideas on other ways to experience music.  When you watch these, please notice a few things: 1) who is the performer? 2) who is the composer (who wrote the music)? 3) is this an instrument you have ever seen before? 4) what mood does this music have (for example: joyful, sad, excited, upset, etc.)? 5) does the music make you feel any kind of emotion (for example: happy, lonely, etc.).

Can you imagine yourself playing these pieces on your instrument?

Can you imagine making art that goes along with music?

Can you imagine using computers and animation to show music?

Can you imagine inventing an instrument?

Please email me and tell me what you think of these videos.  Send me some of your favorite (school appropriate) music.  Find a new video about cello or violin that you like and send it to me.

Can’t wait to see you again.  I miss making music together and I miss you.

Billy Joel’s Rootbeer Rag.  Billy Joel is a pop music singer and piano player.


Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah with Luka Hauser of 2Cellos. This music was written for a singer, but you can play anything on your instrument that you can sing. **Please don’t play your cello in the snow 🙂


J.S. Bach double violin concerto. This is long; it’s like 3 pieces in one. It starts with a fast section (called a movement), then a slow movement, then a fast movement. This is one of the most popular pieces for violin.  Advanced students often play it together with a friend, since it is written for 2 solo violinists.


Wintergaten Marble Machine.  This is an actual instrument.


LineRider animation to Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg.  The Mountain King is a story about a troll village built inside a mountain.  This music was written 150 years before The Lord of the Rings story.





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