Parker- ART- Week of 4-20- Creating Tessellations

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Hello Artists!

Here is a fun and simple Art/ Math activity you can try.

“Tessellations are repetitive patterns of  shapes that fit perfectly together across a 2-dimensional plane of space (think of how floor tiles fit together, or the graphic artist M.C. Escher).”  This lesson and video will show you how to make Tessellations.

For my young artists, you can create these with a very simple shape.  For my older artists, I would love to see you work with a more complex shape, but I would suggest starting with something fairly simple as you learn this process.

For my younger artists, I would love to see you neatly color in your Tessellations.

For my older artists, I would love to see you add some patterns and designs to yours, creating a “Zentangle Tessellation”   Please share your work with me, I would love to see your results!

Here is the link:

This is a link to just the video:

I would encourage you to look at the artwork of M.C. Escher for inspiration.  He used Tessellations in his artwork.  Here is a link to check out his work:


Files for this Assignment:

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