Peltier – ELA- Movie/Show Review – 4/9/20

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Hey All,

For this assignment, I would like you to choose a TV show or movie that you have seen within the last week or so and write a two paragraph review.  The first paragraph should be a summary of what the show or movie is about.  Be careful not to give too much away just in case someone else has not seen it.  The second paragraph should be your opinion on the film or show.  You will say whether you liked it or not, and then give some specific reasons.  Finally, you should rank the film or show using five stars, with five stars being the best and zero/one the worst.  I have attached a sample review I wrote of the Movie Avengers: Endgame so you can get an idea of what it should look like.  You may type your responses in Google Docs and share them with me at and I will respond with feedback.  Stay safe and be healthy!!


Mr. Peltier




Files for this Assignment:

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