Peltier -ELA – Reading Review – 4/23

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Hey All,

For this assignment, I would like all of you to complete a reading review of something that you have been reading.  If you have not read anything yet, I would like you to go online and google a short story for grade 6 student.  I have attached a sample of a good reading review sheet to guide you.  You can use the one that I have provided or create a similar one in Google Docs.  You can send me your responses at and I will respond with feedback.  It is important that we continue to read and write as a community and I think this will be a great way to share what we all are reading.


  1. I post work on every Monday and Thursday for both ELA and Social Studies
  2. Every Thursday at 11:00 AM the grade 6 team meets on Zoom for a check in with students.  The code is 907-058-947 and the password is: math



Files for this Assignment:

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