Peltier – Social Studies: King Tut

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Hello All,

I hope everyone is staying happy and healthy and enjoying their time at home.  I am happy to see the amount of people that have been doing and turning in assignments.  Last week I posted a reading about Egyptian pharaohs.  Today the reading is focusing on a specific pharaoh; King Tut.  King Tut is one of the most famous Egyptian pharaohs because his tomb was discovered intact and full of unbelievable treasures.  For this assignment I would like you to read the attached materials and give me your feedback on what you have read.  Write a summary of the article in the first paragraph and then in the second tell me what your thoughts on the subject are.


You can answer the question in Google Docs or in Word and email me your responses.  My email is  I hope to hear from you all soon.  Be safe!



Files for this Assignment:

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