Peltier – ELA – On the Bright Side Journaling Activity

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Hello All,

I’m very pleased with the amount of you sending in your responses to the work I have been posting.  Again, I hope everyone is feeling well and being safe.  For this assignment I would like to focus on some of the positives of being home and having this time off.  It is very easy to get caught up in a lot of negative thoughts and ideas.  However, I feel that when we stop and look at some things there are positives to everything.  For example, throughout this time I have been exercising and eating much better.  Before I was staying home I would stop every morning for a coffee and maybe a doughnut, and I would go out for lunch a lot.   Also, since I was at work I didn’t get much exercise in.  Now I have been learning to cook much healthier meals and I try and take a 3 mile walk each and every day.  I would like you to write 2 paragraphs highlighting 2 positive things that have happened to you, or something you may have heard about.


This will also be a great way to stay in touch and hear from one another.  You may type this assignment in Google docs, or any other word program, and email it back to me at  I will read all responses and provide feedback and comments.  Miss you all!!


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