Peltier – Social Studies: Pharaohs

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My earlier enrichment work this week focused on introducing everyone to my favorite ancient civilizations; Ancient Egypt.  This year we have studied the Greeks as well as the Romans, and when we began with each unit we started  with the government and leaders.  Well that is exactly what a pharaoh was to ancient Egyptians – a leader.  I would like for you to read about the ancient pharaohs using the attached text.  When you are completed I would like you to reflect on our previous learning this year compare and contrast how Roman emperors and Greek kings are similar and how they are different to Egyptian pharaohs.  If you can I would like you to list three similarities and three differences.  Just like all assignments, you can complete this in Google Docs or on another platform and send them to my school email where I will read them and send you feedback.


Thanks again and I hope everyone is happy and staying healthy.  Miss you guys greatly!


Files for this Assignment:

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