Peltier – ELA: Sand Castle Writing Assignment

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The last assignment had students read the text The Sand Castle.  This story was about a family in the future where the Earth was in trouble because of deadly climate change from pollution.  Before school closed we also read a text about pollution in climate change, and the damage it can do to the planet.  For this assignment I would like you to imagine what Holyoke might look like in 200 years if the planet keeps on being polluted as it is now.  Think about things like what the environment is in Holyoke.  We have mountains (Mt. Tom), the Connecticut River, we have fields and woods.  What could happen to our city in the future if pollution continues?  Would there still be food or water to drink and eat?  Would we be able to go outside?  Think about the story The Sand Castle when answering this prompt.  Please answer in Google Docs if you can and share it with me through email and I will provide feedback on your responses.  I would like the responses to be two paragraphs in length.


I have also attached an answer sheet to the questions from the previous assignment.


Thanks again and I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!!!!  I miss everyone greatly!!


Files for this Assignment:

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