Peltier – Social Studies – Exploring Egypt – 4/13

Teacher: Peltier (


Hey All,

For this assignment, I would like all of you to explore some websites on Ancient Egypt and create a slide show on Google Slides.  Your slideshows should be 5-7 slides in length and cover the information you found interesting about Ancient Egypt.  Each slide should contain a visual/picture and some text describing your findings.  Some great sites to look at are below.  You may choose to use all of these sites, or none.  You may decide to look at different sites.  It is totally up to you.  You can share your slide shows with me at and I will provide feedback.  Be safe!!


  1. I post new work every Monday and Thursday
  2. My office hours are Wednesday 9:30 – 10:30 if you need to speak with me about something.
  3. Join myself and the other grade six teachers on Thursday at 11:00 for a Zoom hangout.  Check Mrs. Erika’s page for details and the code to join.  Hope to see everyone there.




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