Peltier – Social Studies – Where Would You Go? – 4/16/20

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Hey All,

For this assignment, I would like you to pretend that you have unlimited money and the opportunity to travel to any place in the world that you would love to see.  I want you to explain where you would go and why you would go there.  I want you to research some information about the place you have chosen and present it in Google Slides.  It should be about 5-7 slides and each slide should contain multiple facts and a picture.  You can submit the assignment to me at and I will respond and provide feedback.  Here are some of the things you can look for to research about your destination:


Ideas For Your Presentation:

  1. What types of people and food do they have?
  2. What languages do they speak there?
  3. Is the location you have chosen have any special geographic features like beautiful mountains or lakes?
  4. Does the place you have chosen have any historical importance?  For example, did a famous battle happen here, or did the people build something special like the pyramids in Egypt?
  5. Is the place you chose connected to your family in some way?



Next week we are on April break until Thursday so I will not be posting any assignments this upcoming Monday.  Rest, enjoy, and be safe!


Mr. Peltier


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