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IMPORTANT TEACHER’S MESSAGE: Although we encourage the practice of skills at home, these ideas are only suggestions to provide you with resources and help you maintain a routine during these unprecedented times.  Please complete with your child only what works for your family’s needs. We appreciate all of your effort!


El camioncito azul by Alice Schertle

Little Blue Truck tells the story of a friendly little truck who always says hello to the animals as he drives by and treats them with kindness and respect.  One day, Blue’s big brother, the Big Yellow Dump Truck, who is always rude and unfriendly to the animals, gets stuck in the mud and cries out for help. All of the animals ignore him, but Blue tries to help and ends up stuck in the mud too.  When Blue yells for help, all of the animals come running. The Dump realizes how badly he has behaved and learns the importance of friends and help from others.


One of the key takeaways from this book is the importance of treating everyone with kindness regardless of what they do, who they are, or their outward appearance. 


  1. Background knowledge and vocabulary

To build background knowledge please select one of the song links and have your child watch the video every time before the read aloud.  This song is an interactive song that children can act along. Dad’s ugly car is driving and he drives straight, then he comes to a light stop, he drives in curves, through a tunnel and finally really fast.  Have fun acting it out before the read aloud.


Canción del auto feo de papa:


Additional fun videos to go with the transportation theme.

Fun video to guess the transports:

Canción infantil de los transportes:

Cancion en ingles y espanol:


Vocabulary for the transportation  theme

Transportacion – transportation                                      Camión – truck 

camioncito – little truck                                                      Bicicleta – bicycle   bici – bike

Auto – carro –  coche – car                                                  Motora – motocicleta – motorcycle

Barco – ship                                                                          Guagua – autobús – bus

Bote – boat Avión – airplane                                               Tren – train


Click on the link to see the vocabulary picture cards.


  1. El camioncito azul   Read Aloud by Sr. Axel –click on the link to have your child watch Sr. Axel reading the story.


Discussion Questions after the read aloud – please select a couple each time.  We want children to think deeper when asking questions.  These questions are called open ended and allow for different answers each time.

Before reading –  Pause on the cover page and ask.

  • What animals do you see on the truck? Who is driving?
  •  How many animals are on the truck? 
  • Have you ever seen any of the animals on the cover?
  • What do you think the story will be about?

After reading – select a couple per every time they watch the read aloud.

  • Who are the characters in the story?  Where does the story take place? What happens first, next and last?
  • How does the Little Blue Truck show kindness to others as he drives along the road?
  • Is the Big Yellow Dump kind?  Why do you think he is so unfriendly to others?
  • What happens when the Dump gets stuck in the mud?  Why do the animals ignore his cries for help?
  • Blue comes to help his big brother when he gets stuck in the mud, even though his brother has been unkind to others.  Why do you think Blue wanted to help him?
  • The animals come to Blue’s rescue but should they have come to the rescue of the Dump before Blue asked them to?  Why?
  • What did the Dump learn once he was rescued?
  • Why is it important for us to show kindness to others?
  • Why is it important for us to forgive others when they do something wrong? Who shows forgiveness in this story?


  1. Writing Suggestions – Parents please write the sentence frame for the students. They only need to fill in the line.  Always try to model starting sentences with upper case letters, using spaces (espacios) and ending with a period (punto).
Make a poster of the characters in the story on the farm.. 

Sound out their names and label. 

Draw your favorite part of the story and complete the sentence stem…

Mi parte favorita del cuento es ______. 

Encourage students to share with you why it was their favorite part in complete sentences.

Remember to label if you can.

Draw the problem of the story ______.

Complete the sentence stem…

El problema del cuento es ______.  

When the students finish, ask children how the problem was solved. Encourage the use of complete sentences… The problem was solved by ____.

Draw one way you can be kind to others.  Complete the sentence stem…

Una forma de ser amable con mis amigos es ____.


Fun Friday! ON Friday do an art and craft if you like…. See ideas below.

Art and crafts

  • Make a truck with cut out shapes – rectangle or square for body & circles for tires. Paste onto a sheet of construction paper & draw animals in the truck. Add lots of splattered brown color, if you want to draw the truck stuck in the mud.
  • Have each kid pick a favorite animal & ask them to make the sound. Or make the sound of different animals & have the kids guess the animal.  Then draw and color the farm animal.
  • Painting with trucks is always a fun way to paint.  Try painting with trains, monster trucks and other types of transportation too.  It’s fun to compare the types of tracks each object makes.

Post a picture of your work for this week on Class Dojo for you to get a smiley face!

Un abrazo grande de tu maestra.


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