Semidei (Militza), Roldan – STEM Pre K – Theme… Transportacion – Week of 4/6

Teacher: Semidei (Militza), Roldan (


IMPORTANT TEACHER’S MESSAGE: Although we encourage the practice of skills at home, these ideas are only suggestions to provide you with resources and help you maintain a routine during these unprecedented times.  Please complete with your child only what works for your family’s needs. We appreciate all of your effort!


In keeping with our transportación theme… El camioncito azul STEM activities. Please select the one your child likes best.

Fixed Pulley Helps Truck Out of the Muck

“Combine an event from the book with the creation of a fixed pulley.  Younger children will find the turning of the rolling pin a challenge. They will have to get both of their hands to turn the rolling pin at the same speed to get the truck to rise.  Older children will need to work on the correct speed to raise the truck out of the muck facing forwards. If they go too fast, the truck will start spinning. They will then have to slow down to get the truck to face front again.


Once your children have used the simple pulley to lift the truck out of the muck. They can then decide where to lower the truck to return it safely to the ground.” JDaniel’s Mom


Exploring ramps and friction

“Kids love to send cars down ramps! The faster the better, but did you know that this favorite playtime activity is also an awesome science lesson for kids of all ages? Explore ramps, angles, and friction with just a few simple materials. This physics activity is a fun way to introduce friction, ramps, and angles to kids through hands-on play!” PreK Pages

Un abrazo grande de tu maestra.




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