Reilly ELL Grades 5-8, Weekly Schedule, April 27, 2020

Teacher: Brigetann Reilly (


Hello all:

I hope this finds you all safe and well. I am enjoying my time at home with my family. I am working on my family tree/genealogy and started crocheting again. I am working on a hat!

Here is the schedule you should be following while you are learning at home:

  1. Log on to Google Classroom. Complete one of the writing assignments there.
  2. Log on to Read one of the selections there. Complete the comprehension questions. (Make sure you submit them to me so that I can give you feedback!)
  3. Log on to and spend at least 30 minutes practicing your English speaking and listening.
  4. Practice your English a little every day with family members. Teach someone who doesn’t have a lot of English new words or phrases. Try your best to talk in English as much as possible.

Stay safe! Work hard! Be good.

I miss you, Ms. Reilly


Files for this Assignment:

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