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Reilly Week 4 Assignment

Hello to all my students:

I hope this finds you all well. I am really missing our time together. I am keeping busy with cleaning my house, taking lots of walks around the neighborhood with Bruno and spending quality time with my boys. I hope you are doing some of the same. My thoughts are with you all.

If any of you need to talk or need help with any of your school work, please send me a message at and we can arrange a time to talk. 

This week’s assignment is a little different. I want you to spend time each day reading, writing and speaking in English. To do this I have set up an example list of things for you to do. I would like you to follow a schedule similar to the one below.

Keep in touch,

Ms. Reilly


Example schedule for Reading, Writing, and Speaking:

Reading: Spend one hour a day reading any of the articles I have put on After you have read an article, please answer the questions attached to it and submit it to me.

Writing: Spend 20 minutes a day writing a journal about your day. Tell me what you are doing, how you are feeling, anything at all. Create a google doc for this and share it with me.

Speaking and Listening: Spend 30 minutes or more on either or Complete the activities there. Take a picture when you complete a level and send me that picture. These websites will help you in all aspects of your language learning. Feel free to spend even more time on these, if you get interested in it.


Files for this Assignment:

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