Reilly Writing Letters, ELL Grades 5-8

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Hello all:

Please log onto Google Classroom to complete the assignment below. If you do not have Google Classroom, please type the letter in Google Docs and share it with me at

Think of the people who are working in Health Care right now. Their jobs put them at risk every day. They do what they do because they care about people. Without them, we would not know what to do for anyone who is sick or elderly.

Write a letter to these workers. Thank them for what they do. Show your appreciation for what they do and why they do it.

Make sure your letter includes these parts:

1. Start with Dear Health Care worker:
2. Paragraph 1: Introduce yourself. Who are you? Where are you from? Why are you writing to them?
3. Paragraph 2: Share your appreciation for them. Why does their work make a difference for you? Why are you thankful for their hard work?
4. Paragraph 3: Well wishes. Conclude your letter with your hopes for their safety, your well wishes for them and their family.
5. Finish with a salutation. Sign your letter with something like: Best wishes, Jon or Stay Healthy, Maria

Type your letter here, in a Google Doc. When you are done, submit it to me. I will electronically be sending them to 3 nursing homes and a hospital where friends of mine work.

Please take your time and be sincere in the assignment. The Health Care Workers really appreciate these letters and need to hear we are thinking of them right now.

Take care and stay safe. I miss you all,
Ms. Reilly


Files for this Assignment:

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