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Good morning Dolphins,

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. Here are some fun learning activities to get you through the day.

Math: Solve the following story problem using the strategy you like best, such as drawing a picture, using counters or a number sentence. Don’t forget to show your solution!

  • There were 14 students sitting on the rug and 3 by the teacher’s desk. How many students in all?

Once you are finished with that, please write your numbers backward from 20-1.

Reading: Log onto You will need to do this during school hours. Our class access code is: wxq1005

Choose a story that you would like to read, it can be one you read along with (read to me), or one you read by yourself.

If you DO NOT have a school Chromebook or access to a computer from home, you can read a book at your house, or find a read aloud on youtube if you ask a parent or adult to help you.

  • Draw and write to retell the beginning, middle and end of the story you chose. Was there a problem the character solved? You can write about that too!


Writing: Using the prompt “Yesterday when I woke up…” write a story about something you did, or would like to do. Tell who was with you, and where you were. Then write to tell a beginning, middle and end using the words: First, Next, Last or Finally.

Remember to send me pictures of your finished work.  You can email them to me at:

or send me a photo through your ClassDojo messenger.

Don’t forget about our whole class meeting tomorrow on Zoom. We will be reading a book about the Earth together! If you cannot make it, I will email you a link to read the book online when we are finished.

I hope to see you then!!




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