Rock Journal Writing 4/8

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Hi Students and Families!

It was a beautiful day outside yesterday and I hope you got to enjoy the sunshine a little bit!

It is definitely a historical moment we are living in right now. This time at home will be something your child will look back on, and hopefully we will all have happy memories to share.

Please take some time to set up a journal, it can be a notebook or stapled paper you already have at home. You can also use Google Docs to keep a journal on your computer.

I would like you to spend a few minutes looking at nature. This can be in your back yard or out the window. Write about things you see and notice. Is there anything you wonder about? You can add those thoughts as well.

For instance, when I look out my window, I wonder how long it will be until the leaves on the tree are green. I also wonder if any birds will build a nest in the tree. I will also draw a picture of the tree so I can remember how it looked today!

Don’t forget to email me pictures of your work, and I can share them with the class on our Dojo page!

Please send your photos to my email by Friday:


Files for this Assignment:

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