Rodriguez,M/Gosselin- Literacy/Science-Water Cycle-4/16

Teacher: Rodriguez, M (


Hello Second Grade!

This week we will be review the Water Cycle. Use the link below to watch and review The Water Cycle.


Activity: Water Cycle Model

  1. Get a clear container. 
  2. Pour 1 cup of water in the container.
  3. Draw a line at the top of the water line. 
  4. Cover it and put next to a window, outside, or an area where it will collect sunshine. 
  5. Observe everyday and draw changes. 

Draw it or Write it: 

Make a prediction of what you think is gonna happen to the water? 


A prediction is when you make a statement about what will or might happen in the future.

On Friday we will discuss if your predictions were correct. 

Have Fun!


Files for this Assignment:

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