Rodriguez,S. – Math and Science-4/8

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Hello my 4th grade Donahue Dolphins! I am so happy Xavier shared photos of the science experiment with us. It looked like he had fun building a volcano with his brother. I am wondering if anyone else has done any cool experiments at home. If so, please share photos with me and I will post them. Please remember to send me your responses to the following science assignment that I posted  Monday, I can’t wait to read your responses.


For science this week, watch this Mystery Science video titled “Where Do Clouds Come From?”

After watching the video, you will know about water vapor. Think about what’s going on in these situations. Choose one to respond to and send me your answers. There is also a Readworks article with questions in Google Classroom Science.

When you take a hot shower, why does the mirror in the bathroom fog up?
On a cold day, why do you sometimes see your breath?
Early in the morning, why is the grass sometimes covered with drops of dew?


Our class will be starting to utilize a trial subscription to the ST Math Program. It is now active and access to the program is available for your child to start using at home by following these instructions. First you need to set up your devices using the information below. After setting up your devices, watch this video to learn how students log in to and will play ST Math.


Set up your devices

Computers View Instructions

We recommend you create shortcuts on each computer to your unique Trial URL.

Computer URL:

Tablets View Instructions

Download the ST Math app on each tablet and log in with the information below.

iPad School ID: MD0TRY

iPad Password: LBHQAYST

Android Activation: MD0TRYLBHQAYST

The expectations for math this week is that you work about a half-hour each day on the Grade 4 Review assignment posted on Dojo. Send me your answers through Dojo.

In addition to the math assignment, you should spend about 10-15 minutes practicing your multiplication facts: Here are some free resources that you can use:


Files for this Assignment:

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