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Hello everyone –  

I hope you all had a nice weekend.    

Today is Monday April 13, 2020 

What’s the weather like today?  

How are you feeling?  



Do you like ketchup on your hotdog?


–My answer is  Yes! I do like ketchup on my hotdog 


Today’s ELA 

 I have assigned a story and a video on the letter L on Epic.  If you do not know how to log in please let me know. I have all that information  If possible take the time to look at them during the next few days. For today!!

Here is a read aloud


Today’s     letter is L.  

find items in your surroundings that begin with the “L” sound.  IF you can not find anything you can draw a picture of something you know begins with the “L” sound.  

Remember to practice printing the letter L      

 -start at the top. – straight line down – little line to the right.  

 You can  use pencil, markets, play doh, shaving cream, paint, blocks – whatever you have around your house to make the letter. 


Today’s game is I SPY.    You play like this.      

I spy with my little eye something  Purple. Then the other people playing with you guess what you see.  Then it is there turn to say I spy with my little eys something – and they pick a color.  


Today’s Math   


Use number flashcards- if you do not have flashcards, take little pieces of paper and write the numbers 0-10 on the papers.   Flip them upside down, pick the top one and then count that many items. You can use anything around the house to count with, noodles, blocks, spoons, cookies, chips,  jelly beans, pennies or anything else you have in your home.  

-If you use food  – do not eat it until you are finished with the whole activity.  

-It is also ok to begin with just a few numbers like 1-3 and slowly add numbers through the days ahead.  It is also ok to go beyond 10 if your child is ready.  


Today’s movement activity 

Freeze Dance.  

We used to play this on days we could not go outside.   If you are not able to use a computer you can play music– dance move around and when someone stops the music you have to freeze.  Then start the music again. You can use any music you like.


Remember to show me what you have found beginning with   “L” or show me any other activities you completed by posting them to Class Dojo  I am also available with email at



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