Rorrio Prek: Daily activities 4/15

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Good Morning!! 


Today is Wednesday April 15, 2020


What’s the weather today?


How are you feeling ? 


SO far this morning I am happy.  




What vegetable did you eat today?


I’m typing this in the morning so I’ll let you know later what vegetable I ate today.



We read about Dogs on Monday – today we are going to listen to a story about  A fish that had a wish.


After listening to the story – think of an animal that you would like to be  and why would you like to be that animal.  

You could draw a picture, tell your idea with words, use playdough to make the animal you want to be– even paint the animal.    

My thoughts are  I would like to be a bald eagle so I could soar in the sky and see everyone I love down below. If I were an eagle I could even come visit you today.   That would make me happy!!


Letter of the Day!!       Z 

find items in your surroundings that begin with the “Z” sound.  IF you can not find anything you can draw a picture of something you know begins with the “Z” sound.  

Remember to practice printing the letter Z      

 -start at the top. – slide to the right- diagonal line down  to the left – slide straight to the right 

 You can  use pencil, markets, play doh, shaving cream, paint, blocks – whatever you have around your house to make the letter. 


Today’s Math 

Find 10 objects –  blocks, pennies, cookies, pencils, dolls or whatever you have around the house.  Take a few of the objects and ask your child to count the objects – then ask them how many would you have if I gave you one more?  Then give them one more and see if they can figure out the answer. They may want to count all of them again – that is ok.  

You could also just have your child count the objects – Ask how many do you have?  They should answer I have ______ objects.   

This activity can be done with any number of objects.  Start with the smaller numbers and work up to the larger numbers as your child is able.  


Today’s Movement Activity


Grab two paper plates and throw them on the floor. And let the kids at it! They’ll probably know what to do.

One foot per plate and skate wherever they want to go. It goes great on hardwood and carpet both.

It’s easier for kids to remove their socks so their feet ‘naturally’ stick to the plates 


Remember to show me what you have found beginning with   “Z” or show me any other activities you completed by posting them to Class Dojo  I am also available with email at



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