Sullivan – Reading: Assignment – 3/30

Teacher: Sullivan (


Read the article on about which pet is better: cats or dogs? Then follow the prompt at the end of the article-

  • Who makes better pets: cats or dogs? Write a persuasive letter to convince a friend or family member of your position. Will you include similar examples as the ones in the article? Or do you have your own reasons why?

Your response should be at least 5 sentences. Remember how we have practiced constructing paragraphs in our writing lessons in S12.

  • 1st Sentence – Explain what your opinion is. Do you think dogs are better pets, or cats?
  • 2nd, 3rd, 4th Sentences – Provide reasons and details for why you think one pet is the best choice. You can use reasons from the article, or come up with your own reasons.
  • 5th (Concluding sentence) – Re-state your opinion, using a good transition like “in conclusion.”

Good luck! Remember to use other transition words at the beginning of your sentences-

You can write your response and email it to me using the link above, or text it to me on ClassDojo.


Files for this Assignment:

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