Santinello-Music- Acapella App 4/6

Teacher: Santinello (


I’m having so much fun with the free app Acapella. I made a few videos below. You can sing with yourself, beatbox, play instruments, and layer multiple recordings over each other.

Mr. Santinello Percussion At Home

Watch this short video in the link above. I found some pots and pans and thought I could use this app called acapella to make my own percussion group! Who needs “Real” Instruments?

Mr. Santinello Latin Jazz Acapella

The 3 percussion instruments on the top are the Claves, Egg Shaker, and Bongos. The string instruments on the bottom are an Upright Bass and an Acoustic Guitar. Later this week I will give you a tour of my music room and talk about the different instruments I have. But for now, just enjoy this!


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