Sullivan – Scholastic Learn at Home – 3/23

Teacher: Sullivan (


Read the article found here about Zebras and their stripes.

First, answer this question: How are stripes a helpful adaptation for zebras? 

Then, follow the directions for the first writing assignment at the bottom. Here are the directions-

  • If you were a scientist, what type of scientist would you be and why? What scientific mysteries would you try to solve?
  • Here are some examples of real scientific mysteries I was thinking about-
    • Are there new animal species we have not discovered yet?
    • Can people actually live in space?
    • How can we live in a way that helps the environment?
  • You can think about these mysteries, or think of some of your own.

Write or text me your answer in 3-5 sentences. Again, you can upload your answers on Class Dojo, or email using the link above.


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