Sullivan – Scholastic Learn at Home – 3/23

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Read the article at Scholastic here about Jordan Reeves. If the article is hard to understand, try using the tools on the left side of the screen.

Watch the two videos at the end.

Now try the first writing activity. Here are the directions from the website-

  • Watch the video “What’s Good, Jordan Reeves?” below. When you’re done, imagine that you have the opportunity to interview Jordan. What would you ask her? Write down 5-10 interview questions. Be sure to include questions about Jordan’s activism!

Send your questions to me using the email link on this page. If you’re having trouble, you can also take a picture of something you wrote, and send it to Class Dojo. Have fun!

Mr. Sullivan

PS If you want to try the drawing assignment for the second video, you can send it to Class Dojo!

There are three more articles with activities that you can try! Check them out here-

Whales in the City

Hottest/Coldest Places

Hanging Tough


Files for this Assignment:

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