Sheridan – Cell Parts Rap

Teacher: Sheridan (


For this activity, you will:

  1. Listen to the HOTTEST rap single of the year
  2. Describe the different parts of cells in your own words
  3. Draw a diagram of a plant vs animal cell and compare them


Part 1: Watch this awesome video! (You’ll want to keep this video open as you work, as you’ll want to reference the lyrics often!).

Part 2: Using the video or other resources, provide a basic explanation of each organelle in your OWN words. These are some big, fancy science terms: Golgi Apparatus, Mitochondria, etc. Tell me what they do in your own words!

Part 3: In the space at the bottom of the worksheet, or on a separate piece of scrap paper, draw and label a basic animal vs plant cell. You may use the images in the video or google search your own for help.  For online drawings, you can use the Paint tool on your chromebook to make a digital drawing, and can save and attach it to the email as well.

As always, if you’re filling this out on google drive or microsoft word, share it to my email so I can see your amazing work! If printing or writing it out on your own, take a pic and email me at the same email address!


I have attached an outline to help you keep track of all of the organelles in the video. Have a great day, 6th grade!



Files for this Assignment:

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