Sheridan – Cells and Cities

Teacher: Sheridan (


Last week, you designed a beautiful city and described all of the important buildings, places, and functions that a city has in order to stay productive and working.

Then, you learned about all of the parts of a cell and their many functions.

Today, to help you remember what the parts of a cell do, you’re going to match the part of a cell to the part of a city that has about the same function, and describe why you chose each pair.

You will:

  1. Re-read your notes or the attached review cards to help refresh your memory on cells.
  2. For each organelle, describe which city function it is most similar to. I have provided a list of city parts and their major functions.
  3. Only 1 city part should match each organelle, but if you feel very strongly that 2 organelles could be the same part, feel free to explain your reasoning!

Please submit a google doc, microsoft word upload, or a photograph of printed work to my email so I can see the amazing work you are doing! I miss you all very much!



Files for this Assignment:

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