Sheridan – Ecosystem Project

Teacher: Sheridan (


Today you’ll be seeing an old friend and doing a project about where she is from!

You will:

  1. Watch a video to say hi to a friend!
  2. Research the place she grew up in
  3. Make a beautiful picture / poster about her home and the different organisms that live there!


Part 1: Watch this video!

Part 2: Use the links below to gather information about where Medusa is from! In the attached google doc, include: who else lives there? What plants will you find? Who are the producers? Who are the consumers?

Info on savanna grassland ecosystems:

Remember: There is a difference between a Biome and an Ecosystem. Biomes include EVERYTHING in the animal’s habitat – a polar biome includes the snow, the ice, the water cycle, etc. An Ecosystem ONLY includes the living things, or organisms!


Part 3: Design an ecosystem poster for the African Savanna Grasslands.

For this poster, you have complete control! You can include as many organisms as you wish beyond the ones listed below:

  1. Your poster must include at least 3 different animals of the savanna
  2. Your poster must include at least 2 different plants of the savanna
  3. All organisms MUST be from the African savanna!

Some of the more detailed posters will be shared on our class instagram! If you haven’t followed us yet, follow us at @donahue23.2020

If you want to do a digital poster, you can use the Paint tool on your chromebook or computer.

Send me a picture of your work at

Have fun with this, and I look forward to seeing your work.


Files for this Assignment:

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