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By now, you’ve done quite a lot of research into food webs, food chains, energy, and consumers/ producers. For this next segment in our nature adventure, you’re going to be choosing an organism from Medusa’s homeland of Northwest Africa, and doing a small google slides project about it!

You will:

  1. Choose an organism from the attached list of organisms in the African Savanna Grassland.
  2. Research your organism! I’ll provide some websites below for help.
  3. Create a google slides presentation in which you discuss:
    1. The organisms’s name
    2. Where it lives
    3. Producer or consumer?
    4. What it eats (if it’s a consumer)
    5. What eats it
    6. What competitors does it have? (who else wants to eat its dinner or steal its water and sunlight?)
    7. Any fun facts about your organism.
  4. Share your work with Mr. Sheridan! I would love to set up times to do video calls with you so you can present your work to me 1 on 1.  When you submit your assignment, I’ll reach out and ask if you’d like to set up a presentation time.

Attached you’ll find a list of organisms to pick from and a guidelines sheet to help you fill out each slide.


If you are struggling with finding information about your organism, check out these links!

And of course, googling is your best friend!


Files for this Assignment:

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