Sheridan – Science – Dangerous Animals – 4/15

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In this activity, we will be doing our first “ID Card” activity. The purpose of this activity is to help you connect with different branches of science in the world, and to write short summaries about each topic for the parts you find most interesting.

In this activity, you will:

  1. Watch a video about the most dangerous animals in the world
  2. Choose any three organisms from the video that you find interesting/ want to learn more about
  3. Use the video and the internet to help complete a short “ID card” about each of your three organisms.


  1. Watch the video link for this week (in the attachment)
  2. Write down the three most interesting organisms in the video that you want to research, one in each ID Card organizer in the attachment.
  3. Fill out each box in the ID Card for each organism. These explanations need not be lengthy, just provide the information that is asked for!
  4. Submit your ID Cards to me by email or by text.

We will be doing one of these ID card assignments each week, each with a different science topic to delve into. If you have any ideas for what you want the next one to be about, let me know in the space beneath your ID cards in the assignment.


I look forward to hearing from you!


And don’t forget to check-in to my office hours this Friday at 10:00 am.

Zoom meeting code: 998-6903-4069

Password: Medusa


Files for this Assignment:

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