Shewchuk, ELL , My Opinion-4/14/2020

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When you want someone to agree with what you think about something, you are stating your opinion.

Remember in class we were discussing if we should have school all year-even through the summer.  Some of you agreed and gave reasons why it would be good and others disagreed and gave reasons why we should have the summer off.

ASSIGNMENT– (writing or speaking)   People in your home do NOT want a pet.  What is your opinion?   Do you think you should have a  pet in hour home?  Yes?  No?  Give at least 3 reasons why you should or should not have a pet.  (If you have a pet, what is your opinion on having another  pet?)

Words to use in your writing:  should      need     must     best     worst     important

 could     together       help     mess     walk     noise

    play       responsible     good     bad     friend


“How do I start-I’m stuck”⇓

  I think________________.  My family needs a pet because_________

                               We should not get a pet because_____________

Remember- you do not have to use these sentence starters.  If you are “stuck” you have them.  The words are not the only ones you may use and you do not need to use all of them- they are there to help you.

WORK MAY BE WRITTEN OR SPEAKING (VIDEO)  SHARE ON DOJO or show me your journal in our ZOOM meetings.





Files for this Assignment:

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