Sierra-Science-Dinosaur Fossils- 4/15

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Good Morning my bright Scientists! Today you will be reviewing How and Where can dinosaurs fossils be found!! They are  super short videos and answer some questions to check your understanding. Please submit your responses to me by email at  or keep sending them to me by message in class dojo!! Keep up the fantastic work!!


Mrs. Sierra


  1. 1. In what era (age) did dinosaurs lived in?

a. Mesozoic Era

b. Cenozoic Era

c. Paleozoic Era

2. In what type of rocks are dinosaur fossils mainly found in?

a. Igneous

b. Metamorphic

C. Sedimentary

3. Where are dinosaur fossils more easily found?

a. beaches and parks

b. deserts and hills

c. buildings and backyards

4. The Hadrosaur looked liked what kind of our animals? (Written Response)

5. What is our remote sensing tool? (Written Response)

6. Match



___Remote Sensing

___Ground Penetrating Radar

___LIDAR (Light Detention And Raging)

___CAT Scans

A. help to find fossils without digging

B. helps see bones and skins

C.finds and study fossils

D. help create a 3D map

E. help gather information without touching

F. help explore out of space and all around our world


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