Snyder – Social Skills – 3/25

Teacher: Snyder (


Hi everyone! We are the SIP team (Supported Inclusion Program) for students in grades Kindergarten – 2nd. My name is Miss Snyder and I am the SIP teacher and Mrs. Fitzell is our RBT (Registered Behavior Technician). 

As your children will be able to tell you, we have been working on the Zones of Regulation in our small groups. This systematic approach is used to teach self regulation and coping skills. It categorizes our feelings and states of alertness into 4 zones- blue, green, yellow, and red. Below is a link to an optional short video describing the zones, but as I said, your child will be able to tell you more about them! 🙂

After watching, talk about the zones with your child and ask them what zone they are in and why? Please post pictures and their responses on dojo, I miss them and would love to see/ hear how they are doing!



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