Snyder – Social Skills – 3/31

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Good Morning everyone!

This morning I am sharing a link with you to listen to a story called The Way I Feel. As your child listens to the story, remind them to think of the 4 different zones. After reading, review some of the emotions with them and ask which zone that emotion may fall into. You may, for example, say to your child, “she felt scared because she was alone in the dark- what zone do you think that put her in?” (yellow). You may also talk with your child about things that make them feel silly, scared, sad, etc

I have also attached a cute worksheet if you’d like a follow up activity! I understand printing is not likely given our current situations so just talk to your child about the scenario given and ask how they think that might make someone feel. If Karma didn’t make the best choice, talk about other things she could have done differently to maintain feelings in the green zone.

Have a great day and I continue to look forward to seeing your Dojo messages and photos! 🙂


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