Snyder – Social Skills 4/3

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Good morning!

Today seems like a perfect day to stay inside out of the wind and rain! Today, I have a game to play inside; the materials you will need are emotion cards and yourselves. If you do not have the emotion cards from the home packet, it’s easy to make your own! Brainstorm some feelings and write them down on pieces of paper. For our younger kiddos, draw a picture instead of or to pair with the emotion, (example: mad, draw an angry face, surprised, draw a person with their mouth open and eyebrows lifted). I attached a list of emotions to help get your game started.

The game is emotions charades. Once you have your list of emotions, fold them or crumple them up so only the person unfolding will be able to read it. One person will pull a piece of paper and read the emotion. He/she will then try to act it out. The other person or team has 1 minute to guess which emotion the person is acting out. Make sure to look at the person’s body language when trying to guess! Your children have been learning how to look at a person’s body language for clues to better understand how a person may be feeling.

The objective of this activity is to learn body language and recognize how another person may feel based on non verbal communication. 

I hope you enjoy this activity and send pictures through Dojo 🙂 Have a good weekend everyone!


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