Snyder- Social Skills 4-7-20

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Good morning all!

Today’s lesson is a lesson about changes, big or small, and the skills we can use to overcome the feelings we have when change occurs. Please click on this link:  and watch the video. 

Attached, please find a list of different scenarios during which we experience change. Talk to your kiddos about each scenario and how it would make them feel. Is it a good change or an uncomfortable change? Does it seem like a big change or a small change? For our older kiddos, ask what strategies they could use to push through the change in order to remain calm and not lose control. 

Remind your children that change is ok and sometimes happens for the best. We can learn new things, meet new people, try new foods, and learn more about ourselves. It is also important to remind them that everyone is used to different things and that a change that might make one person uncomfortable might make another person feel excited. There are no right or wrong feelings about change; the important part about change is the way we cope with it.

Don’t forget to send me photos while you complete your activities through Dojo! 


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