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Good morning everyone!

On this yucky day, I figured it would be a nice day to stay inside and bake something with your kiddos- cookies? brownies? a dish that has been passed down? Whatever you choose, the objective of this lesson is conversation skills, more specifically, staying on topic.

Before beginning, talk with your child about what you are making. Ask them to brainstorm what ingredients and cooking tools they think they might need. A bowl to mix? Spoons to stir? Chocolate chips to add in? Maybe you are making a dish that has been passed through the families. You can ask your children what flavors they taste and what ingredients they think might contribute to that taste.

Want to take this lesson a step further? You can also incorporate this lesson into segmenting- beginning, middle, and end. What should they do first? Gather ingredients? Bake? Allow them time to think about the entire process before answering. After brainstorming the steps, maybe you can write them down and have your child organize them. 

Whichever lesson components you decide to add and whatever you decide to make, remember the objective is to stay on topic. If your child starts talking about a time they went to Six Flags or a toy they really want, remind them of what you guys are doing. During our social skills groups at school, we simply ask the students, “Is this on topic?” Most times, the students self correct and are able to redirect themselves to the topic at hand. Sometimes, they might need a bit more prompting. In that case, maybe you need to prompt the student further, “Remember, we are talking about making cookies and what we might need. Are Six Flags and cookies similar?”

Although this lesson is meant to target conversation skills and staying on topic, remember this is also supposed to be fun! Enjoy this time with your child and remember to send some pictures via Class Dojo! I look forward to seeing what you make! Have a good weekend 🙂

I am attaching a cookie recipe in case you want it to reference!


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