Snyder- Social Skills SIP- Coping with Change- 4-14-20

Teacher: Snyder (


Good morning!

Last week we talked about changes, big or small. I asked you to talk about different changes with your child and ask him them how it made them feel. Right now, we are all experiencing a big change as we learn the rules around social distancing and the effects of COVID-19. How is this making your child feel and what are some coping strategies you and/ or your child are using?

Attached, find a worksheet to reference showing some different coping strategies. Ask your child what they think each picture is showing. The three strategies portrayed include breathing, asking questions, and talking to an adult about how you are feeling. It is important to model asking questions for our younger students. The unknown causes a lot of stress and worry. Some of our kiddos might not know that asking questions and learning more about the change can ease some of this stress. 

Finally, ask your child to write or draw in their own strategies. Everyone has different strategies that can help them feel better. Sometimes, sharing strategies helps others feel better as well! I am also attaching a link to a video describing social distancing for our younger students as well as 10 coping strategies to help your child get started. Don’t forget to send dojos of your different coping strategies! 🙂


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